Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hand Cramps

When I sit down to go through paperwork with new clients, they invariably remark how much of a drag it is to have to sign so much stuff. You typically have to sign your name to 50ish pieces of paper before the process is done.

But remember, each time you sign your name, you're doing so in response to some law being broken in the past, or some law suit that was launched in the past.

It's like that box of soap that says "Do not take internally".

You think to yourself, "who would do THAT??"

But they put it there because somebody DID eat it, and the manufacturer now seeks to protect itself from future soap-eaters.

So, when you sign your name during a mortgage process, it's because somebody is protecting you and making sure you have seen everything you need to see about the process.

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